Who We Are

About Bloom activewear team
Bloom Activewear is an original athletic brand designed and created by two sisters in California. Our aspiration is for our brand to be a reminder of the things women are capable of achieving with a little tenacity and resilience.


Our passion for athletic wear was found while on the road to self development. However, at a very young age we were taught hard work, discipline and dedication through our parents. Growing up, we spent almost every weekend working with our dad at his taco catering business and helped him flip tortillas. It was during these events that he instilled integrity and other business values that have made us who we are today. We were raised knowing that anything we wanted would require diligence.

Working out taught us the essential discipline to make this brand possible and prepared us for what was to come. This is what gave us the courage to start our own brand even while knowing we would face challenges and run into people who did not believe in us.


It took over two years to finally launch Bloom. Why? Because we wanted to make sure you could see our dedication in the product. Details are very important to us, from the seaming of our leggings to the boxes they will be shipped in. Everything has been created with so much love. We wanted to be able to provide great quality at an affordable price. Our athletic wear is vibrant, unique and timeless. We created it just for YOU, we take pride in what we have accomplished and the product you will receive. 

 It is important to us that you know Bloom is not just about physical fitness, it’s about personal and mental growth. It’s about succeeding when all the odds are against you and exceeding those expectations. We want our line to make you feel beautiful and confident no matter what shape, color or size you may be. 

 Our prints appeal to different personalities and we are confident, you will love them as much as we do. 


 Now the big question, why the name BLOOM?


We chose the name BLOOM to represent the delicacy and ambition of a woman. We can be fragile, elegant and beautiful but like the root of the flower, within us lies, strength and determination. We know how to endure challenges with grace and that is something to be proud of. 

Our logo, the DAHLIA represents our culture and the perseverance it took to get here. One of the best qualities this flower has is how abundantly they BLOOM